Investing in cannabis instead of just smoking it

When does cannabis stop being a fun habit and start becoming a long-term investment? For me it was an easy question of math.

My friends make fun of me all the time for being a math and science nerd, but the joke is on them! A firm grasp of numbers can help a person improve their life.

In my case, I started doing the math about how much weed I smoked. Then I worked up financial profiles for my friends, and how much money they spent on cannabis. After I worked it all out, I realized that collectively we spent a staggering amount of money every year on cannabis. If we were to take that money as a lump sum and invest it into a professional-grade cannabis growing operation, we would never have to spend another dime to get high. It’s a bold move, and requires work, but the numbers don’t lie. Investing big money in cannabis now would generate tens of thousands dollars worth of savings over time. If my buddy and I did it right, and gradually increased the size of our cannabis crop, it could even generate a profit! Three of my friends decided to take the risk with me, and my buddy and I sunk every dollar my buddy and I had into getting quality cannabis cultivation equipment, and thousands of seeds. Finding marijuana seeds is simple, but finding the premium strains is much harder to do. I wish this story had a happy ending, but right now my buddy and I are waiting for our first cannabis crop to mature. I have my fingers crossed that my buddy and I end up with some killer marijuana plants.



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