Life on the cannabis farm

After my girlfriend kicked me out, I stayed on a friend’s couch for a few weeks.

It was supposed to be a few days, but time got away from me.

I needed a permanent place to stay, and I also needed to find a better job. Life was not good at that particular moment, but then we got thrown a lifeline by an old high school chum named Zeke! Zeke had been the guy who sold me marijuana back in the day, and my buddy and I were regularly friendly. Zeke heard through the grapevine about my extreme state of affairs, and made me an offer – come stay with him and work on his marijuana farm as a hired hand. He had almost an acre of cannabis plants, far more than he could handle on his own. I would get free room and board, free cannabis, and a few bucks every once in a while. It was not a great deal for my long-term future, however I went for it anyway, then quickly I came to discover that I easily liked the simplicity of being a cannabis farmer. Tending to the earth, making sure the marijuana plants grew to their full extent, and then engaging in a harvest. It was a lifestyle I had never experienced before, and I enjoyed it! I will admit that being able to smoke cannabis whenever I wanted made it all the sweeter. Zeke and I have become close friends, and he has even started teaching me some of the more advanced techniques for marijuana cultivation. One afternoon I might start a cannabis farm of my own.

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