The new cannabis dispensary security guard

Our new security guard is named Otto, and he is a sight to behold.

Otto weighs almost four hundred pounds, and towers above everyone at six feet eight inches tall.

He says that he used to be a member of a biker gang, and based on all his tattoos I don’t think he’s kidding! Otto started working here about three weeks ago, and has had an immediate impact on the store. Although he is intimidating to look at, Otto is as sweet and kind a man as I have ever met. He’s funny, too! Otto always has the most hilarious stories from the old days, when he sold cannabis for his biker gang. He is a law abiding citizen now, and rarely even smokes marijuana, but he makes a damn good security guard. The best thing about Otto is that every single employee and customer at the cannabis dispensary feels safe. Just one look at the man lets you know he’s a tough guy, and nobody wants to start trouble at the cannabis dispensary. We didn’t have much trouble before, but we would get some teens trying to sneak inside and steal some cannabis products. Now it never happens, because Otto works from the front door of the cannabis shop, and he’s so wide that no one can get by him, unless he allows it. Oddly enough, there is another cannabis dispensary a few blocks away from here that has been robbed twice. I am so glad that Otto is here to protect my cannabis shop, because no one dares to steal from him.

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