I miss the old days before cannabis dispensaries

Everything is so much more convenient these days, thanks to the advent of modern dispensaries and the legalization of weed deliveries.

I love having so much ready access to marijuana.

I can literally place an order at midnight and have it delivered before 2AM, and trust me this has come in handy a few times! Still, I miss my younger days. Weed was so much harder to find back then, especially the good stuff, but it also meant more. When you have to work for something it’s more satisfying to achieve it. When I was a teenager we would have to hunt around to find quality cannabis, and it was always a cause for celebration when we scored some. Currently there is no joy or wonder in cannabis, because it is as easy to get as fruit or vegetables. And then there is the matter of price! The prices at the cannabis dispensary are far above anything I have ever paid for weed before. I understand why the costs are so steep, because this is high-end cannabis cultivated by experts and scientists. They have certain strains of sativa that taste like grape bubble gum,, or tutti-frutti ice cream. It’s a stunning array of flavors, but if you want this premium cannabis you have to pay a premium price. I miss the old days, when marijuana was all pretty much the same, and it didn’t break the bank to buy it! I’m just an old fashioned kind of guy, I suppose, but I love smoking cannabis which means like it or not I have to visit the dispensary.

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