Drinking and cannabis are a dangerous mix for me

I used to have a major drinking problem.

I know that alcoholism has genetic influences, but in my case it was just stress and boredom.

I would pound cocktails until I got blackout drunk or did something stupid, which turned out to be rather often. After college I discovered the joys of smoking marijuana, and started to drink much less. Weed settles my nerves without making me act a fool, or lose my temper. The only problem arises when I am drinking booze and getting stoned at the same time. I can get so high that I forget how much I’m drinking, and then the cumulative effects of the booze and the cannabis get too much for me to handle. I always have cannabis at home, usually several different strains so I can pick the one that fits my mood, but I never keep alcohol in the house. Cannabis is medicine, but to me booze is like a ticking time bomb! When I go out on the town with friends, I will take a few cannabis edibles with me, but even then I am tempted to drink. I found a wonderful solution to my problem, when the local dispensary started selling cannabis drinks. Now I can drink socially without needing alcohol, because the cannabis drinks give me a wicked buzz! One day I hope all bars and taverns keep cannabis drinks in stock, because I think they are pretty amazing. If you’ve never tried cannabis drinks before, I recommend giving them a chance. They are so much better than drinking beer or liquor!


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