The beach resort was dry, I had to hunt for cannabis

Whenever I visit the beach, I always need to have the Two Bs – beer and buds.

  • One of the most relaxing things in the world is to spend a few hours chilling on the beach.

I love to lay on the warm sand, hearing the rush and roar of the waves crashing against the shoreline. I can do that for hours on end, so long as I have the Two Bs I never get bored. This latest beach trip was a little different, because it was in an exclusive resort. There beers there cost five bucks each, and there was a strict no smoking policy, both for tobacco and cannabis. First of all, who can afford five dollar beers, and second of all how am I supposed to relax without a cannabis joint between my fingers? I used Google to find the nearest cannabis dispensary, and took an Uber over there as soon as it opened. It was my lucky day, because the cannabis dispensary offered a sweet 20% discount for all first-time customers. I was stoked, so I bought a full ounce of OG Kush even though I knew I couldn’t smoke it at the resort. I also bought a vape pen, a few carts of cannabis oil, and a package of edibles. While I always prefer to smoke a real joint, I will admit that the vape products got the job done. I had a nice, easy stone for the rest of the trip, and the cannabis edibles put me right over the top! It was a good trip, but next time I’ll choose a cannabis-friendly resort.

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