A comic book setting at the best cannabis dispensary

I also wanted to start a comic book club, but it took a while to get off the ground.

Everyone has heard of a random “book club,” where everyone reads the same chapters of a book, then meets up to have a fun discussion about it.

My main idea was a little bit different, because I wanted to get a group of people together to all read comic books at the same time. It was a seriously glorified hangout session, with classic comics as our group activity. At first, nobody was interested. Then I decided to take a large box of my old comics down to the cannabis dispensary plus hang around the smokers lounge for a few hours. That generated some serious results! It turns out that cannabis plus comics have a synergistic effect on one another. Cannabis products definitely make the comics more fun to read, plus the comics come alive more than ever thanks to the weed. To encourage up-to-date people to join me in my endeavor, I even stopped and gave free cannabis edibles to my regulars. After that business absolutely picked up, because who doesn’t want a free edible? After a few weeks there were over a dozen of us, so it got too costly to buy edibles for everyone. At that point the comics had people hooked, plus they gave their own cannabis products. My associate and I would spend hours on end in the cannabis dispensary, just hanging out plus reading classic old Marvel plus DC books. My comic book club has become my real “happy locale” where I can forget the concerns of the world plus disappear into comics, thanks to cannabis.


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