Writing about using cannabis for my psychology class

When I was going to school I started smoking a lot of pot, but when it started to get in the way of my classes I switched gears plus tried to incorporate weed into my studies! Case in point was the large research paper I had to write for my psychology class, then I decided to use an odd topic, plus research how much cannabis use impacted our preference of motion pictures.

I actually picked horror motion pictures plus comedies in particular, because these are the two genres of motion picture that rely most heavily on emotional responses; then a comedy makes you laugh, a horror motion picture makes you fearful… Then how much does cannabis consumption affect the experience? The results will not come as a surprise to anyone who smokes cannabis regularly, since these genres of motion picture rely on automatic responses from the brain, cannabis helps people care about them even more than ever; and for example, a lot of people will simply try plus assume the ending to a horror motion picture, but when smoking cannabis they just get absorbed into the story, which makes it more terrifying.

Cannabis allows people to shut down the analytic part of their brain, plus enhance the emotional response to stimuli. While smoking some cannabis sativa before a large test won’t help you in any way, smoking out before a horror movie will help you care about it a lot more… My psychology mentor gave me a high score for the project, plus based on his notes I know it’s because he smokes a lot of cannabis himself. I wish I could write all my term papers about marijuana.


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