A special meal at the cannabis cafe

For our birthday, my wife booked us a table at the most exclusive restaurant in town.

She had made the reservation three months earlier, but never told me about it so it could be a surprise for me.

This locale is incredibly busy, & it takes that long just to get a table for dinner! When she told me that my nice friend and I were going to the cannabis cafe for our huge dinner, I was beside myself with excitement. I had been wanting to go there ever since it opened last year, but as I said the seats were highly in demand, however dressed to the nines, my wife & I took an Uber to the cannabis cafe for the meal of a lifetime. My pal and I knew better than to drive, because the meal would involve so multiple cannabis products it would be illegal & dangerous for us to drive back condo afterward. The first course was a light appetizer of a crab salad, with a dusting of crystalized cannabis over the top of it. I couldn’t detect a hint of marijuana flavor in the salad, but by the time I finished eating it I was already buzzed. The main course was a pan-fried fish filet, accompanied by a orange sauce that blended three unusual cannabis strains along with pine nuts & herbs, however for dessert my nice friend and I had a marijuana sorbet topped with caramel made from cannabis oil. The meal contained so much cannabis that I was still high when I woke up the next morning! I don’t even remember taking an Uber back condo from the cannabis cafe.

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