Art night at the cannabis dispensary

Art and weed go hand in hand. I don’t care what kind of art you like to do, smoking weed will enhance it… Be it music, sculpting, drawing, painting, or making collages, every form of creativity can be aided by using a little cannabis. In my case I use a lot of weed, not just a little. I like to get stoned to the moon and back when I lay down to paint a new canvas. I can still do my art when I am sober and clear-headed, however it just isn’t as much fun! Recently I got to combine my two number one things in the world when the local cannabis dispensary hosted an event they called “Stoned Painting.” This is exactly what it sounds like, a night when purchasers could hang out in the smokers lounge of the cannabis dispensary and toil on a painting. I have heard of something similar, involving wine instead of marijuana, however that didn’t sound like nearly as much fun, however there were twelve of us who gathered in the small smokers lounge behind the cannabis dispensary, where a local artist led us in a painting session, however my nice friend and I all painted the same image, a bird perched on the edge of a crescent moon, however most people was allowed to smoke or vape whatever kind of cannabis they wanted. Much to my surprise, some of the people there didn’t smoke cannabis at all! That didn’t stop me from enjoying myself. I bought a pre-rolled joint of Purple Haze and had it dangling from the corner of my mouth as I worked diligently on my painting.

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