Surprise! My birthday celebration was at the cannabis dispensary

My wifey Jamie told me she was planning a surprise celebration for my birthday, and i asked her why she told me, if it was supposed to be a surprise! Jamie smartly answered that I would eventually figure out something was going on behind my back… She told me about the celebration so that I wouldn’t sneak around and try to figure out what was happening. I told her I didn’t want a celebration, because I was turning fifty which was incredibly depressing for me. Jamie told me to shut up and let her do something nice for me. I shouldn’t have complained, because it turns out she set up my celebration at the smokers lounge in the local cannabis dispensary. I didn’t even know you could host private events at the cannabis dispensary! Even though I knew I was getting a surprise celebration I was still caught off guard because I never expected it to be at the marijuana shop. Jamie and I went in to use the annual birthday discount offered at the cannabis dispensary, however anyone who makes a cannabis purchase on their birthday gets 25% off. Imagine my genuine surprise when I found all my closest friends waiting for me in the cannabis dispensary! My friend and I all went out back to the screen-in patio used as a smokers lounge, where my pal and I ate cannabis-infused cupcakes and washed it down with hemp beer, but have you ever had hemp beer? It’s awful! I have to say that Jamie did a remarkable thing, because I never expected my celebration to be at the cannabis dispensary.

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