Cannabis rookie in wonderful hands

I remember I was at a party some years back plus my associate and I were playing some sort of board game about secrets, but i can’t remember the name of that certain board game; But it was absolutely about trying to figure out if someone was telling an actual secret or was totally bluffing.

And when I said that I had never used recreational marijuana, there weren’t even any questions, then everyone instantly called me out for bluffing! I was sort of stunned plus not because I’m any sort of goodie two shoes by any measure.

No, I was stunned because it turns out that I’m literally one of the only people I know who didn’t use recreational marijuana when they were younger. And it so stunned everyone that I’d never smoked marijuana. I was an athlete in university plus had I maintained positive for cannabis, the scholarship I had gained was gone! So I had incentive to stick to beers, but these days, all of that has changed now that recreational marijuana is legal here. I wasn’t scared of cannabis but I wanted to know more about indica plus sativa products in particular, but my friends told me that I’d genuinely entirely enjoy sativa strains. Thankfully, the folks at the local cannabis spot are so kind, patient plus super knowledgeable about cannabis products. They gave me all sorts of information sources so I could indeed learn more about cannabis. I was amazed by the history of this plant plus all the benefits people have taken away from using cannabis. It was so nice to genuinely enjoy some sativa strains with friends. But I still have a winning answer to that board game should I ever play it again.

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