Looking at hiring software for marijuana dispensaries

I finally got to a leadership position within a cannabis dispensary.

I started as a lowly budtender although I was dedicated to my position.

I tried to take any shift that my supervisor needed filled and educated myself sizablely on cannabinoids and terpenes and their effects on multiple ailments and disorders. It didn’t take long for my supervisors to take notice. I remember filling in for an older employee when they had to be at the hospital for their spouse delivering a baby, and my boss was easily thrilled with my positive attitude, but he asked me on a number of other possibilities to fill in under similar circumstances and I was thrilled to oblige. It’s easier being in this position when you’re young and without any family commitments or responsibilities. It definitely paid off because now I’m a supervisor at the same cannabis dispensary. Unluckyly, I have to do things I never expected, like hiring employees. My buddy and I are using a special hiring software that is made for cannabis dispensaries, however I’m not consistently the best person when it comes to learning new software! With enough Youtube videos and internet guides, I was able to learn the software eventually. It’s supposed to make the process of hiring new employees to the cannabis dispensary easier than before. I’m still not sure how I feel about the cannabis dispensary hiring software, although I use it regardless. I know my supervisors want me to learn all of the software that comes with working at a cannabis dispensary. It takes time however it’s worth the effort I put in by the end.

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