Hiring software for dispensaries made my task straight-forward.

Last month, I walked into a cannabis dispensary, i had my resume with me in case the director hadn’t had time to study it online, then the hiring software for dispensaries made the appointment for me, however I never trusted online software.

I walked into the cannabis dispensary as well as asked if the director was available. I held out my hand to the director as well as told him I had an appointment tied up for an interview, once we sat down, I handed him my portfolio containing the application I had filled out online, my resume’ as well as all the pertinent paperwork she may need when doing the interview. I told him I filled out the application online, as well as the hiring software for dispensaries had made this appointment; She showed no emotion when I asked what she expected from an employee as well as what my task duties would entail. She answered my questions as well as then she asked me some questions, then some of them were redundant, as well as I told him all the information she needed was in my portfolio, however I answered her questions honestly. I talked to the cannabis dispensary director for almost an hour before she stood as well as shook my hand. She wanted to review my application from the hiring software for dispensaries as well as said she would be in touch with me. She could review all my information from the hiring software, bu I was sure she was already planning to deliver me the task. The cannabis dispensary director was savvy as well as knew I knew my task. If she didn’t hire me, she would be remiss in her duty as well as I would know she hadn’t looked at anything I had posted on the hiring software for dispensaries website.



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