I wanted to try recreational cannabis.

I was thinking about trying recreational marijuana; I had used medical marijuana in the past, when I was going through chemo.

I was having so many issues with weight loss because of the vomiting that I needed to stop the vomiting, however the weight loss was making myself and others as sick as the chemo, but after I quit the chemo as well as I got our life back, I no longer had a need for medical marijuana, when they legalized recreational marijuana, I wanted to try it.

It piqued our curiosity. I wanted to try recreational marijuana, as well as I was going to look for a marijuana store near me. When I walked into the marijuana store, I didn’t assume what I wanted. I looked at all the products they carried as well as remembered how I had used many varieties for many conditions while dealing with cancer. There was a single that was supposed to make you assume relaxed as well as cheerful. I was hoping relaxed wasn’t the same as being tired, although I didn’t understand what all the words in the composition of the marijuana product meant. I walked into the marijuana store as well as started asking questions. They young guy at the counter asked what marijuana product I was interested in purchasing. I picked up a container of gummy bears, then he told myself and others they were good for pain. When I picked up a pot cake, he laughed. He told myself and others they were his number ones as well as made parties more fun. I bought the pot cake, hoping I could talk our neighbor into coming over to the apartment as well as trying it with me, even though she wasn’t home. I ended up sharing it with our brother.



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