I often stink cannabis on people walking through the grocery store

Before the recent years of cannabis legalization in this state, I was deathly afraid of people finding out that I used weed.

There was still a heavy stigma friendd with marijuana consumption, especially in venues of employment.

I remember asking a acquaintance of mine for some of his urine to pass a drug test in late 2014 when I accepted a job offer at a newspaper where I’d been emplotted as a contract employee for multiple years at that point. It was a daunting experience and I was scared to death that I was going to get caught with that extra vial of urine inside our pants. Thankfully nothing bad happened and I was able to get through with no incident. Things have changed so much in our state since all of us legalized cannabis for medical use back in 2016. I never noticed the stink of cannabis in parking lots anymore than I remember stinking it on peoples’ clothing inside actual stores. But now that it has been numerous years since all of us unveiled legal medical cannabis in this state, I’m stinking a strong stink of marijuana on people in all sorts of settings. While it is usually while I’m grocery shopping at a local store, that’s not always the case. Someone at labor walked in the other day stinking adore they had smoked a blunt on their way to the office. I’m surprised they didn’t get outed by people around them and sent apartment for using unapproved drugs. As much as I adore medical marijuana as much as the next person, I wouldn’t risk getting in trouble smoking weed on the way to labor when I could stink adore a hippy bus in the process.

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