Cannabis helps me to maintain a good perspective

Every now and again, I feel that we all need a little bit of a reality check.

Periodically for me, it’s more than every now and again.

This has a lot to do with the major levels of stress I have to deal with in our job. I love the job and I love the paycheck but I dislike all this stress. That’s why I’m extra grateful to have a marijuana business just around the block. Having access to legalized recreational marijuana has made such an enjoyable difference for me. Medical marijuana came first. And had I known what a major impact cannabis would make on our life, I would have gotten a medical marijuana card. But it was my neighbor Sam who got me to the local cannabis spot when recreational marijuana was legalized. I’m forever grateful for Sam as well. Sam had been after me for a long time to try some sativa strains because he thought they’d absolutely help elevate our perspective and mood. Sam also wanted me to try out some indica dominant hybrid strains for sale as well. Sam said the indica based cannabis products were more helpful for great our body and helping me sleep. I often handle so much stress that I can’t turn our brain off at all. So these indica strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary have been so important. But truly, it was after the 1st trip to the local cannabis spot that I realized the benefits from the sativa strains. It was very much like coming out of a dark tunnel once I started using the sativa cannabis products. Since that point, I’ve enjoyed so much more balance in our life and realize that work isn’t everything.



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