The newest marijuana business in town

Finally I have a cannabis dispensary, but it took a while but this end of town is now served by a legit marijuana dispensary. I’m overjoyed myself as are most of the people I know. Of course, there is a group in this end of town who is all up in arms still that there is legal access to recreational marijuana. This is the same crowd who ends up getting secretly blitzed on booze… But the bitter irony is lost on those folks anyway, and the easy fact is that there was a vote to legalize recreational marijuana and it was passed; So you can be annoyed about that and be miserable if you want to. But it’s not going to change the fact that our marijuana laws have finally started catching up with the times. I am not eager for everybody to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to using cannabis, but yet, the folks that need medical marijuana should be able to access a local cannabis dispensary, for those for those of us who do not use it in a medicinal fashion, we should be able to easily access recreational marijuana if we are of age. Finally, our state got its act together enough to where we are now using our official sense when it comes to the local marijuana business, but recreational marijuana has been legal here for a couple years now but we are just now getting our own local cannabis spot on this end of town. I love the fact that I do not have to figure out how to get myself all the way to the other side of town when I run low on red kush or something love that! Now all I have to do, is get off the train or the bus and walk right to the cannabis dispensary on our way home. Doesn’t get much better than that.


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