You can’t smoke pot at the dispensary

How can I get people to hang out at the cannabis dispensary if they can’t smoke weed? This is the question that drives me as a store owner, then my ultimate goal is to make our shop a locale where people come to socialize, & a shop, if the state laws were more relaxed, I could allow people to spark up and then hang around in our smokers lounge.

I call it a “smokers lounge” but there is no smoking allowed indoors, which makes that title a misnomer! Cannabis vapes and edibles are allowed, but neither of those products are as popular as good, old-fashioned weed.One method I have is to convert the roof of the cannabis dispensary into a smoking area.

It is outside and naturally ventilated, so it would not be against the law for people to smoke tobacco or cannabis up there. The setback aspect to that method is that I would have people smoking cannabis on a roof, and if someone were to fall off it would be a major problem. The company insurance and permits forquote me from allowing people to hang out on the cannabis dispensary roof, so that method won’t work; Another method was to supply some free cannabis edibles and vape products in the smokers lounge. At random times just send out a tray of free smokeless cannabis products, to encourage people to hang out and get more freebies. I also want to try having a musician or a comedian play a set in the cannabis dispensary, to see if that gets people to stay here longer.

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