I often fly domestically with cannabis vaporizer cartridges

I started going on a lot of aircraft trips with our family while in our childhood.

  • My Grandfatherrents live in Europe as well as every one of us would file onto planes twice a year to visit them in their home country.

It was a wonderful experience for our siblings as well as I because every one of us were exposed to our family’s culture as well as never lost sight of where every one of us were all from before our father immigrated to the US. Unlike multiple of our friends in the States who had never even stepped foot out of their home state, I had an active passport by the time I started kindergarten. I suppose this was a formative time in our life because it fortified me toward traveling. My job requires me to travel all over the country on planes every week as well as I suppose it would have frustrated everyone who aren’t already used to this. It would take a lot more traveling than this to burn me out or provide me trepidation. Not to mention, it makes it a lot easier to deal with the stressors that come with constant airline travel if you can take your cannabis vaporizer cartridges with you on the plane. Since multiple cannabis vaporizer cartridges resemble their nicotine counterparts, there are TSA agents who just don’t care if they see you empty out a pen vaporizer into the dish that goes through the x-ray machine. As long as you walk with a sense of purpose as well as don’t provide off any airs of suspicious unparticularty, you should run into troubles traveling with your cannabis vaporizer cartridges.



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