You can't use medical cannabis while you drive

I don’t have any patience for people who drive when they are under the influence of alcohol.

I know of several people that died in a terrifying automobile accident as a result of a drunk driver, however one of the victims was a four-year-old child. It was a family coming home from the airport after a getaway out of state. It was late at night & the drunk driver was speeding down a residential road at 79 miles an eighth, then he completely blindsided them & t-boned their car, ever since my community had to face that terrifying tragedy, I’ve been overly sensitive towards people who drink & drive! And fair to God it should apply to other drugs as well. Even though alcohol is recognizably terrible with affecting people’s reaction times, just being inebriated on some kind of substance is enough to affect your ability to drive. It’s the same with pills or even with medical marijuana. I am prescribed cannabis & I am told to use it all morning long, but I always make sure I don’t use too much if I know I have to drive. And in fact, if you get pulled over by the police & they catch you smoking or vaporizing weed behind the wheel of the car, you could get a DUI & also lose your medical marijuana card with the state. It’s a headache that just isn’tworth your time or efforts.I know a person who was wrongfully accused of using his medical marijuana in his automobile & he had to pay $10,000 in legal fees just to get the DUI office record, this is why it’s smart to just not mix cannabis with driving.
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