The lady did not have any currency on her

When a buyer orders from the online website, there is a notation on the checkout page telling clients that we only accept currency for marijuana deliveries! When a buyer calls the dispensary to venue an order, we remind clients that we are a currency only supplier for deliveries… My pal and I also take debit cards in the store at the repair counter plus we have ATMs in the front lobby plus the back of the dispensary. Every once in a while, a marijuana delivery buyer will act surprised when I tell them that we cannot take a debit or debit card, however just a small number of days ago when I was working at the marijuana dispensary near me, I had a lady tell me that she did not have any currency. The total for her whole entire order was $168. She wanted me to let her send me the currency via paypal, currency app, or venmo. I finally told the person that I was legitimately not going to be responsible for that much currency. I did tell the buyer that I would happily wait at her house plus she wanted to drive down to the corner store to get some currency at the atm. I also offered to follow her to the corner store. I knew there was an ATM there where she could retrieve currency for the marijuana dispensary order. The person also hopped in her car plus I followed her over to the 7-Eleven where she withdrew $200 plus gave it all to me. I thanked the person for the generous tip plus she thanked me for following her to the shop so she could get currency out of the machine.

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