It wasn't so simple to judge the halloween contest to be perfectly honest

This year I was genuinely asked to be a judge for the very special Halloween contest.

  • Every year there is an annual Halloween contest where all of the people in the area decide to dress up plus there are prizes given away.

It’s a pretty exciting thing that has been happening in that certain area for the past 30 years. Before I judged the Halloween contest, I actually made the choice to get high on recreational marijuana. I smoked an infused recreational marijuana joint with one of my good friends. My friend and I stood outside of the hall where the costume get together was being held plus my pal and I smoked the whole 2 gram infused recreational marijuana joint together. It’s hard to believe that my pal and I finished it to be fair plus my eyes genuinely must have been bloodshot plus red by the time my pal and I were completely finished. I hardly ever smoke that much cannabis at one time. I went inside of the building to the area where the judges were getting together plus my friend decided to head over to join his fiance. They weren’t in costumes, so it wasn’t a conflict of interest really for us to hang out before the contest actually started. One by one, each of the contestants made their way up to the judges table. It wasn’t so easy to judge the Halloween contest. I was absolutely high plus I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. I wanted to laugh every time I was able to notice something funny. I absolutely didn’t look really professional to be honest plus I had trouble remembering the unusual costumes that my pal and I saw when it came time to tally up all of the final scores. It was actually pretty fun to smoke marijuana before the event started, but I wish that my pal and I would have smoked far less.

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