It's not bad to know what I am getting

Before marijuana was legalized in our state, it was absolutely hard to find the plants.

There were certain people here plus there that could grow a few plants in their closet.

There were a few people that managed to pick up some good marijuana from the west coast plus there were some people that managed to get it from other locations… From time to time, I would get a strain that was labeled with a name very similar to OG kush or Girl Scout cookies plus the product would not resemble the strains at all. One time I got a batch of marijuana from a guy plus he was trying to tell me it was Blue Dream. Blue dream is a really distinctive sativa strain. It smells like delicious berries plus has little buds with red hairs. The marijuana that the crazy guy tried to say was Blue Dream looked more like it had to be an indica. The buds were relatively thick plus dense exactly like how a Kush plant would grow! Now that marijuana has been legalized plus my pal and I can easily purchase it from a local dispensary, it is easy to know all the time what I am getting. The strain information is printed directly on the package plus it is really easy to read. The information includes the name of the strain, harvest date, batch number, expiration date, plus some other information about the actual strain. The percentage of THC is always featured on every package. Some are higher than others, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that the low THC products aren’t still wonderful. It’s pressing to focus on finding the right marijuana strain for each individual.


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