I was sadly unable to find the apartment address

Last weekend it was especially cold, wet, plus raining.

  • I absolutely don’t love the rain much at all.

The frosty air plus water makes me feel unbearably cold, however even when it’s the warm season plus it’s raining, I love to use that oil heating equipment at my property. My bestie thinks it’s deranged when she has the a/c equipment running plus I still use the space heater, but I guess that is just a certain part about living in this tropical environment. Things have been considerably better around these parts since marijuana was legalized. There’s a pretty good amount of currency for repairs on infrastructure plus roads. They recently replaced the bridge that has been in horrible shape for at least 10 years. Every time I had to go all the way across the bridge, I was sad that I was going to fall into the ravine. I have to cross the bridge more often than I like, because I toil as a delivery driver for a marijuana dispensary. The marijuana dispensary is open 7 mornings every single week rain or shine. My good friends and I don’t even close on Christmas, New Year’s or any other federal holidays. The new bridge makes it much safer to cross the ravine, however it doesn’t help me find addresses very fast! Last weekend, I couldn’t find an apartment address plus I was up in the hills. I don’t actually appreciate going up to the hills to make a delivery. They all tip fairly good though, however the roads are so crappy. I had one bar of cell phone signal plus after that I didn’t have any bars in the least. I was driving all up plus down the mountain in a good attempt to find the delivery address plus it was raining plus muddy.


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