I want to take a trip

I haven’t been able to take a getaway for a number of years now, but having the responsibilities of a caregiver for a disabled family member makes it hard to get out and do things! I have to have someone come in and fill in for me if I want to go on an actual getaway! Well it can be easily hard living life as a caregiver, I can’t say I completely regret it because I love the person that I’m here for.

If it wasn’t for me, they would be in a facility somewhere where they would be irritated and not living a life in their home.

It’s hard occasionally, especially when you see years of your life dwindling by you, but you have to make the best of it, but and that’s why I’m trying to plan a short getaway for myself next month. I have a family member who agreed to come in and fill my responsibilities for me so I can go on a short getaway for myself. I decided that I want to go to a place where recreational cannabis is legal. I don’t love having to buy cannabis on the black market in my state and would enjoy to go on a cannabis getaway. I would enjoy to be able to book a comfortable hotel room where I can use a cannabis vaporizer to get stone for a fantastic long weekend. I can go to a bunch of easily nice cannabis dispensaries and try their top shelf cannabis flower products. I also would enjoy to get back into cannabis concentrates again and try some live rosin, however the live rosin in my state is sketchy because it’s from the black market.



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