The cannabis dispensary was really high-priced.

I thought that since your medical insurance did not cover medical marijuana, it should be less expensive, but I was wrong. Not only is it expensive, but you could buy the same stuff on the street, for less money. The government was making a lot of money by selling medical marijuana in a dispensary. I told my mom how expensive the medical marijuana was, but she already knew. I told her the government should allow it to be sold in convenience stores, like they sell beer and liquor, but they couldn’t keep track of it as closely. There was always going to be someone with their hand in a pocket getting their part of the money from the medical marijuana. Not that I didn’t think people should not use medical marijuana. I had seen what it could do for friends and family. My uncle was going through chemotherapy and that was making feel worse than the cancer itself. He was weak and vomiting all the time. The medical marijuana eased his nausea and helped him to keep going. His immune system was shot, and he had to wear a mask all the time, but he was feeling good and he gained a couple of pounds. When I saw him when he first started chemo, he looked like half of himself. He is now smiling and feeling much better. He said he thinks medical marijuana should be a regular medicine added to every cancer patient’s daily routine. It helped the mental and physical side of the disease. In his case, medical marijuana was doing everything it should be doing..


Medical Cannabis Cards