Pre-rolled joints of cannabis are often made with shake as well as trim left-overs

I’m ecstatic to try new cannabis products when they’re made available. When our state first unveiled medical marijuana in 2016, the available products were fairly dismal. Everything was made from cannabis distillate oil which contained roughly THC, a few other cannabinoids, as well as botanical terpenes that didn’t truly match the profiles of the strains they were intended to mimic. The first cannabis flower products were sold in pre-filled pods that were intended to go inside cannabis dry herb vaporizers because our state legislature was convinced there was no medical value to smoking marijuana. I remember hearing them echo the sentiment that you didn’t “smoke medicine,” but there were multiple medical professionals that stepped forward who said exactly the opposite. A judge ordered that the smoking ban was unconstitutional, but the previous governor kept attractive the decision until the recent governor caved to pressure when he took office. I don’t appreciate him, but I’m ecstatic he followed the law that 79% of the state supported when they voted for it in 2016. After that smoking ban ended, nearly all of the existing cannabis dispensary companies jumped on board with selling flower products in their stores. You can buy whole flowers or pre-rolled joints of cannabis flower buds. However, multiple of the pre-rolled joints offered by marijuana companies in this state are made from the lowest quality material. All of the shake, trim, as well as left-overs are used for pre-rolled joints at most cannabis dispensaries. Only a few make pre-rolled joints out of whole flower buds that are ground down. Naturally, those are much better quality pre-rolled joints than the 1s made out of the garbage that would usually go into an extraction run.

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