Not all dispensaries are the same

Do you know anything about the Native American reservations? Not many people can say they do but with a bit of education, it can be fascinating. First, the US government offered land to original Indian tribes. To be honest, this is a not so pleasant part of history, and many people won’t go into it because it is not that crucial to this subject anyway. However, to this day, those lands are owned by the tribes and are regarded as sovereign. In other words, they may be considered as not being part of the USA, and instead they are independent from the rest of the country. They also have their own governing laws. This is why you would find many casinos and cannabis dispensaries on reservation lands that you have ever seen anywhere else. As of now, this state allows for medical cannabis under specific circumstances, but overall pot use is heavily restricted. If a person doesn’t have a legit medical need for cannabis they will not be approved. Thankfully the reservation lands are just a 45 minute drive from here. They also have the best cannabis dispensary I’ve ever seen. The cannabis dispensary existed for close to two decades now and due to the tribal lands laws, it is fully legal. Their prices can however be a bit steep for the locally grown cannabis strains which are amazing. Even if their cannabis was crap most people would still buy it, because of lacking other options! But their stuff is among the best, as they have some of the best cannabis hybrid strains, one being the Two Wolves. I’m not one to gamble, but I go to the reservation to purchase cannabis every week.

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This might just be the best cannabis dispensary in town

Weed dispensaries do a lot more than selling weed.

Most such stores are perfect for complementary products. Our area has a lot of stiff competition for marijuana sales. With over a dozen dispensaries sellers have to work harder to stand out which is what Kelly does. She started envisioning her shop beyond just being a weed dispensary. She turned it into a full-service store that caters to the needs of regular cannabis customers. Of course she sells weed, has more than 40 premium strains of cannabis, but she wanted more. She would also stock cannabis edibles, oils, and wax, in addition to accessory CBD products. Expect to find glass pipes, water bongs, rolling papers, and supporting tools needed for the consumption of cannabis. She won’t stop there! She also sells the unit and seeds needed to grow cannabis plants at home. In this state those interested can grow up to 12 cannabis plants on their property! Lastly, and this is her newest service as a provider – she also teaches a cannabis gardening class at the dispensary every week. Some people just don’t have the experience or the knowledge to grow their own cannabis, so as an expert she helps them to learn the basics. Her goal was to make this store the one-stop shop for everyone’s cannabis needs, no matter what that is. Can you suggest anything else she should sell at the cannabis dispensary?There could be a few areas she is yet to discover and this would make a perfect opportunity for her.

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A big flop at growing cannabis

A person with real cannabis experience would actually have some outstanding advice for growing better weed

Joseph was interested in growing his own weed at home. None of us understood where this idea came from, but Joseph thought that it would be easy. He equated the experience to the growth of any other weed in a farm and assumed that it would thrive the same way. The assumption that it would grow all by itself, just like other weeds: He told me that I knew he was wrong but didn’t want to burst his bubble because of the excitement he had. If he wanted to try his hand with pot plants, then why not? Last weekend was time for his first harvest, and Joseph was so excited. He invited me to come over and get high with him. I brought a bottle of whiskey, and a sack of OG Kush just in case, and drove to see him. He presented his grand harvest of marjuana, which was at least a pound, maybe more, and right away I spotted how stemmy and seedy nature knew something was wrong as this is never seen in the strains of the cannabis dispensary. To console him, we shared the OG Kush I brought and explained to him that he should talk to an expert. But like his old self, Joseph said he had watcheds all the Youtube videos he could. However I insisted that he needed a real expert, like the professionals at the local cannabis dispensary. A person with real cannabis experience would actually have some outstanding advice for growing better weed. I hope he takes my advice, but I suspect he may quit growing cannabis altogether. It takes time, effort, and money to succeed at growing good cannabis, so maybe he should just buy it like we do.


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Being high increases my efficiency

The work from home plan has significantly changed my life for the better.

I didn’t understand why a lot of people complained about being isolated during COVID, as I loved it. I kinda preferred the isolation, and staying in my home throughout worked better for me.When my job requested people to return to the office, I asked if I could continue working from home. All I did was present my numbers and stats, and demonstrated that I have a higher efficiency rating each time I work from home, so it was easy for them to grant my request. Therefore, whenever someone tells me that cannabis makes people lazy, I easily counter it by telling them my story of victory. I deliver better results when smoking cannabis than when I am sober and sitting in an office cubicle. I work in a sales position, and 98% of my workload happens online, or through email, so not many people know how much cannabis I smoke daily. When I have to attend a Zoom meeting I hide the bong and my cannabis and put on a shirt and tie. The rest of the time I’m walking around in a robe and slippers, a fat bowl of OG Kush/ Sativa Grande Loco at hand. Even so, my impressive workrate is unmatched, and I am always on track for the quarterly bonus offer, thanks to having cannabis to keep me relaxed and alert. If there ever comes a time when they make me return to the office I will have to switch over to cannabis edibles, or maybe just find a new job. I like the lifestyle I have now.



My ex still supplies my cannabis

My love for a great selection of products sold at the cannabis dispensary is unmatched.

The prices are also perfect which is why I prefer legal weed shops every time. What’s more, they have great sales and special deals. When in school I dated a woman named Edith. She grew her own weed plants in the backyard and she started producing enough good quality marijuana that she sold it to her friends, family, and me. Although we didn’t last long as a couple, we managed to stay friendly enough that she would keep selling me weed occasionally. Even though I could access a legal cannabis dispensary,getting my weed from Edith was great because of the better prices.Besides them, I also check out websites of local cannabis shops for special deals and discounts. With the fierce competition among cannabis dispensaries it’s not uncommon to find one running a one-day sale. Even with discounted prices, most cannabis strains are still too expensive for me which is why I keep scouting for deals whenever I am interested in making a purchase. Is this a local thing, or are all cannabis shops this pricey? Next weekend I’ll be going over to Edith’s house to help her with the newest harvest. I know that she will reward me if I help harvest the cannabis. Usually, she pays me in weed instead of cash. After all, I prefer it this way, although it would be nice if I could afford higher quality cannabis occasionally as this would save me the stress of having to work for it.

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