My ex still supplies my cannabis

My love for a great selection of products sold at the cannabis dispensary is unmatched.

The prices are also perfect which is why I prefer legal weed shops every time. What’s more, they have great sales and special deals. When in school I dated a woman named Edith. She grew her own weed plants in the backyard and she started producing enough good quality marijuana that she sold it to her friends, family, and me. Although we didn’t last long as a couple, we managed to stay friendly enough that she would keep selling me weed occasionally. Even though I could access a legal cannabis dispensary,getting my weed from Edith was great because of the better prices.Besides them, I also check out websites of local cannabis shops for special deals and discounts. With the fierce competition among cannabis dispensaries it’s not uncommon to find one running a one-day sale. Even with discounted prices, most cannabis strains are still too expensive for me which is why I keep scouting for deals whenever I am interested in making a purchase. Is this a local thing, or are all cannabis shops this pricey? Next weekend I’ll be going over to Edith’s house to help her with the newest harvest. I know that she will reward me if I help harvest the cannabis. Usually, she pays me in weed instead of cash. After all, I prefer it this way, although it would be nice if I could afford higher quality cannabis occasionally as this would save me the stress of having to work for it.

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