This might just be the best cannabis dispensary in town

Weed dispensaries do a lot more than selling weed.

Most such stores are perfect for complementary products. Our area has a lot of stiff competition for marijuana sales. With over a dozen dispensaries sellers have to work harder to stand out which is what Kelly does. She started envisioning her shop beyond just being a weed dispensary. She turned it into a full-service store that caters to the needs of regular cannabis customers. Of course she sells weed, has more than 40 premium strains of cannabis, but she wanted more. She would also stock cannabis edibles, oils, and wax, in addition to accessory CBD products. Expect to find glass pipes, water bongs, rolling papers, and supporting tools needed for the consumption of cannabis. She won’t stop there! She also sells the unit and seeds needed to grow cannabis plants at home. In this state those interested can grow up to 12 cannabis plants on their property! Lastly, and this is her newest service as a provider – she also teaches a cannabis gardening class at the dispensary every week. Some people just don’t have the experience or the knowledge to grow their own cannabis, so as an expert she helps them to learn the basics. Her goal was to make this store the one-stop shop for everyone’s cannabis needs, no matter what that is. Can you suggest anything else she should sell at the cannabis dispensary?There could be a few areas she is yet to discover and this would make a perfect opportunity for her.

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