Not all dispensaries are the same

Do you know anything about the Native American reservations? Not many people can say they do but with a bit of education, it can be fascinating. First, the US government offered land to original Indian tribes. To be honest, this is a not so pleasant part of history, and many people won’t go into it because it is not that crucial to this subject anyway. However, to this day, those lands are owned by the tribes and are regarded as sovereign. In other words, they may be considered as not being part of the USA, and instead they are independent from the rest of the country. They also have their own governing laws. This is why you would find many casinos and cannabis dispensaries on reservation lands that you have ever seen anywhere else. As of now, this state allows for medical cannabis under specific circumstances, but overall pot use is heavily restricted. If a person doesn’t have a legit medical need for cannabis they will not be approved. Thankfully the reservation lands are just a 45 minute drive from here. They also have the best cannabis dispensary I’ve ever seen. The cannabis dispensary existed for close to two decades now and due to the tribal lands laws, it is fully legal. Their prices can however be a bit steep for the locally grown cannabis strains which are amazing. Even if their cannabis was crap most people would still buy it, because of lacking other options! But their stuff is among the best, as they have some of the best cannabis hybrid strains, one being the Two Wolves. I’m not one to gamble, but I go to the reservation to purchase cannabis every week.

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