Being high increases my efficiency

The work from home plan has significantly changed my life for the better.

I didn’t understand why a lot of people complained about being isolated during COVID, as I loved it. I kinda preferred the isolation, and staying in my home throughout worked better for me.When my job requested people to return to the office, I asked if I could continue working from home. All I did was present my numbers and stats, and demonstrated that I have a higher efficiency rating each time I work from home, so it was easy for them to grant my request. Therefore, whenever someone tells me that cannabis makes people lazy, I easily counter it by telling them my story of victory. I deliver better results when smoking cannabis than when I am sober and sitting in an office cubicle. I work in a sales position, and 98% of my workload happens online, or through email, so not many people know how much cannabis I smoke daily. When I have to attend a Zoom meeting I hide the bong and my cannabis and put on a shirt and tie. The rest of the time I’m walking around in a robe and slippers, a fat bowl of OG Kush/ Sativa Grande Loco at hand. Even so, my impressive workrate is unmatched, and I am always on track for the quarterly bonus offer, thanks to having cannabis to keep me relaxed and alert. If there ever comes a time when they make me return to the office I will have to switch over to cannabis edibles, or maybe just find a new job. I like the lifestyle I have now.