We only had so many boxes of infused pre rolls

The dispensary has been advertising a huge special sale all week, however on Tuesday we are supposed to run a sale on all of our infused pre-rolls.

I am the supervisor of the dispensary and it is our job to order all of the cannabis supplies for the week.

I have to think ahead when it comes to our big sales, because we will run out of some items entirely hastily if we do not have a lot of stock. I had ordered twelve cases of infused pre-rolls for the weekend sale. The shipment arrived on Tuesday. That would give us many afternoons to stock everything on the shelves and get set up for the sale, then sadly, the manufacturer sent us many boxes of infused pre-rolls instead of the twelve boxes that I ordered. I instantly contacted the manufacturer. I told the guy over the iPhone that our order was short, then he told myself and others there was a limit on sales of Infuse pre-rolls due to a concern at the manufacturing facility. She would not go into further detail with myself and others and urged myself and others to contact the marijuana manufacturing business if I needed more information. Instead of offering all of the infused pre-rolls, I am going to need to add something new to the sale in order to keep all of their buyers happy. I have no idea how long it’s going to take for that manufacturing business to send me more of the infused pre-roll. Advertising the concentrate infused cannabis pre-rolls will not be smart without enough stock. I have to come up with another idea and it has to happen before the sale.

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