Cannabis dispensary started offering weed delivery

Today was a fairly busy and stressful day.

I wanted nothing more than to go home and take a nap. But at the same time, I kind of wanted to stay home for a while and enjoy the rest of my day. I realized that there were a few things that I still needed to buy, but I really didn’t feel like getting up and going back out again. I debated on whether I should wait until another time or not. I went online to buy marijuana, and went to my usual cannabis website. To my surprise, they had on their website in big bold letters about their new weed delivery services. This was super cool, and it was like it read my mind! I clicked on the button and it brought me to a separate page. The page it brought me to was the cannabis dispensary menu, and I saw some of the products they had in stock they usually didn’t even have in the store! I was loving this, and even though I usually go and buy my usual pre-roll joints, I decided to look around first. The prices were still expensive, but it was worth it for the convenience, even with the delivery cost. I went ahead and bought my pre-roll joints, as well as some marijuana flower. After the order was confirmed, it said that my order should be delivered within the next 20 to 30 minutes. I stayed by my phone for updates, and it texted me to let me know when the delivery driver was near.

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I love my portable CBD vaporizer pen

I thought that I would love working a job that requires me to travel at least once or twice a month.

  • In fact, I used to fantasize about one day traveling the world as a musician on a big tour promoting an album.

I wanted to do this more than anything else for years, even into my early 20s. But now that I finally work a job that has me out on the road as much as three to four times a month, I can’t even imagine the thought of traveling to the degree that professional musicians do each week during long concert tours. A lot of those people develop alcoholism and other drug addictions to cope with the emotional stress and physical exhaustion that come with that lifestyle. After speaking with a few of my coworkers, it has come to my attention that I’m one of the few people in traveling positions in our company who isn’t an alcoholic apparently. I honestly don’t know how I would survive in this job without my CBD vaporizer pens. I get these CBD vaporizer pens that consist of a removable battery and an oil cartridge that screws onto the battery’s top. A button on the side of the battery fires the oil cartridge, turning the CBD oil inside into vapor as the user draws air through the chamber. I get extremely calming effects from my CBD vaporizer pen, and the best part is I can legally travel with it inside my carry-on without ever worrying about getting arrested at TSA checkpoints. Some people go as far as traveling with THC oil pens through TSA checkpoints, but I don’t have the nerve to gamble to that degree.

I love being a delivery driver for the dispensary

Thank the lord the Winter is finally coming! When the weather turns cold, corporation picks up for those of us in the cannabis delivery business; Please don’t call myself and others “delivery boys” – that is degrading; I am a grown man, and my chosen profession is delivering things to people.

  • I started off with delivering pizzas when I was in school.

Since I love to drive, it was an easy way to make a little money… Currently I work for a cannabis dispensary, which is a huge improvement over pizza let myself and others tell you. It doesn’t matter what I deliver, because when it gets cold out the demand rises, then even though most of the cannabis dispensary clients live within a couple of blocks, they just don’t want to go out in the cold weather, and they would much rather pay a little extra for delivery, plus tip the driver, then argument the frost plus the snow to drive to the cannabis dispensary in man. I don’t mind, because this is the best season for tips, so the cold doesn’t bother me. Cannabis clients tend to tip unquestionably well for deliveries anyway, but when the temperature dips so low it makes them suppose guilty, then one of our respected cannabis delivery clients is a sweet elderly man, plus he really offered a fresh travel mug of hot cocoa when I dropped off his cannabis concentrates. The rule at our cannabis dispensary is that tipping is never to be encouraged, plus I respect that rule. Since we get paid a fair hourly wage for cannabis delivery, tips are not expected or needed – but I will never ever turn one down!

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It’s a bold new world of cannabis products

Finally I have access to a cannabis dispensary where I can join the growing revolution of amazing weed products! I can’t complain too much, because ever since I was in high school I have smoked cannabis every single day. It didn’t matter if it was illegal, because I had a connection. His name was Dale, plus he was a dumpy, lonely old man that coded websites plus sold weed for extra money, and Dale constantly had fresh stuff on hand to sell, so I dropped by to see him once a week. The complication was that Dale only ever had one kind of marijuana, which he titled “Take It or Leave It.” There was no selection to choose from, just standard “regs” marijuana… which I now realized was not of a good quality at all. The cannabis dispensary, plus all of the skilled budtenders who work there, have opened our mind to a whole new world. Before now I had no plan what the differences were between indica plus sativa strains, nor did I ever suppose what kind I was getting. Dale was a catch-as-catch-can sort of cannabis dealer, so asking questions never made a difference. Now I can ask all the questions I need, plus these cannabis experts can dig deep to tell myself and others all the details I want to know! Recently I have experimented with several unusual forms of cannabis, including vaping, dabbing, plus edibles. I have to say that dabbing cannabis concentrates is our modern preferred way to get stoned. On the other hand, it’s strenuous to beat the classics, plus a hand-rolled cannabis joint will constantly be a winner.

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Running into our ex boyfriend at the cannabis dispensary

Ten years ago I went through the worst cut up of our life.

  • I was attending school at the time, plus fell for a young man named Ed! For six weeks Ed plus I were inseparable, plus were even talking about marriage.

Then Ed met another guy, plus with shocking abruptness he dumped me. I was so concerned that I quit school plus moved back home, after a few weeks of depression I got back out into the world plus found myself a full-time job working the front counter for the local cannabis dispensary. I never thought about getting a work in the burgeoning cannabis industry, so I was in the right locale at the right time… Years have passed, plus now I am the store manager of this cannabis dispensary! My work has sort of topped out, I suppose, because I can’t receive another promotion unless I leave the cannabis dispensary plus join the corporate offices. This cannabis dispensary is a member of a nationwide chain, so I run the locale but I don’t own a stake in it, and last week I was covering the Wednesday shift for one of our budtenders, plus guess who came strolling into my cannabis dispensary? That’s right, it was Ed. Ed still looked amazing, but I kept our cool plus pretended I didn’t suppose her. Ed knew exactly what kind of cannabis he needed, plus offered myself and others the order without seeming to suppose me, either… Was Ed pretending, love I was, or had he legit forgotten me? I played dumb, rang up his cannabis, plus sent Ed on his way without saying a word.


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