It’s a bold new world of cannabis products

Finally I have access to a cannabis dispensary where I can join the growing revolution of amazing weed products! I can’t complain too much, because ever since I was in high school I have smoked cannabis every single day. It didn’t matter if it was illegal, because I had a connection. His name was Dale, plus he was a dumpy, lonely old man that coded websites plus sold weed for extra money, and Dale constantly had fresh stuff on hand to sell, so I dropped by to see him once a week. The complication was that Dale only ever had one kind of marijuana, which he titled “Take It or Leave It.” There was no selection to choose from, just standard “regs” marijuana… which I now realized was not of a good quality at all. The cannabis dispensary, plus all of the skilled budtenders who work there, have opened our mind to a whole new world. Before now I had no plan what the differences were between indica plus sativa strains, nor did I ever suppose what kind I was getting. Dale was a catch-as-catch-can sort of cannabis dealer, so asking questions never made a difference. Now I can ask all the questions I need, plus these cannabis experts can dig deep to tell myself and others all the details I want to know! Recently I have experimented with several unusual forms of cannabis, including vaping, dabbing, plus edibles. I have to say that dabbing cannabis concentrates is our modern preferred way to get stoned. On the other hand, it’s strenuous to beat the classics, plus a hand-rolled cannabis joint will constantly be a winner.

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