Cannabis store vs liquor store

I was hanging out with friends over the weekend and they got into a heated argument about the dangers of cannabis stores and liquor stores.

My friend Bobby strongly feels that cannabis stores and cannabis dispensaries are more harmful than liquor stores.

My friend Angelica strongly feels that liquor stores are more harmful than cannabis stores. I sat back and observed this debate without expressing my opinion. I thought it was interesting to hear both of my friend’s points. Bobby feels that cannabis stores are more dangerous than liquor stores because many people try to get away with driving under the influence of marijuana products. He said that so many people smoke weed and then drive, when people know it is wrong to drink alcohol and drive. Bobby also feels that weed products are more dangerous because you smoke them and smoking harms your lungs. Bobby’s last point was that people abuse cannabis dispensaries by saying they are purchasing weed and CBD products for medical reasons, but they really just want to use cannabis products recreationally. Angelica feels that liquor stores are more dangerous that cannabis stores because people actually do drink and drive quite often. Angelica stated that when someone is drunk and gets behind the wheel of a car, their inhibitions and reaction times are much lower than someone who just smokes weed and drives. Angelica also feels that alcohol has more addictive properties than marijuana products do. Angelica also stated that people can die from alcohol poisoning but you never hear about people overdosing on cannabis products. I thought they both brought up very interesting points.



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