Comparing the 60s cannabis and todays offers

Many use the new cannabis strains now, but still idolize the old strains

Long ago there was a great little plant called marijuana.Most people called it pot, weed, or grass, among other names. It was illegal, but the enforcement wasn’t strict since most dealers operated slyly. Over the years though, that little plant has evolved, not to mention the political upheaval around it. We spend lots of time in the shop listening to oldies talking about their younger days. What stood out though was that they never seemed to mention how weak the cannabis was back then. Many people complained of the weak marijuana strain with very low THC in the 60s. Compared to what we get in the modern day, cannabis strains in the olden days were closer to tobacco and not the typical weed! There isn’t a cannabis dispensary today that would stock such weak strains from the 60s, as this would mean losing their clients. Thanks to my upbringing, this was not something I was going to argue with the elders. It however never stops me from rolling my eyes every time I hear them say cannabis this weak today and nothing like what they used to have. Based on scientific facts, cannabis today is way better than it used to be. What’s interesting however is how the old-timers have developed such a tolerance to cannabis and THC that they never seem to notice the difference. Many use the new cannabis strains now, but still idolize the old strains. We learn a lot when we listen to them talk about cannabis.

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