Comparing the 60s cannabis and todays offers

Many use the new cannabis strains now, but still idolize the old strains

Long ago there was a great little plant called marijuana.Most people called it pot, weed, or grass, among other names. It was illegal, but the enforcement wasn’t strict since most dealers operated slyly. Over the years though, that little plant has evolved, not to mention the political upheaval around it. We spend lots of time in the shop listening to oldies talking about their younger days. What stood out though was that they never seemed to mention how weak the cannabis was back then. Many people complained of the weak marijuana strain with very low THC in the 60s. Compared to what we get in the modern day, cannabis strains in the olden days were closer to tobacco and not the typical weed! There isn’t a cannabis dispensary today that would stock such weak strains from the 60s, as this would mean losing their clients. Thanks to my upbringing, this was not something I was going to argue with the elders. It however never stops me from rolling my eyes every time I hear them say cannabis this weak today and nothing like what they used to have. Based on scientific facts, cannabis today is way better than it used to be. What’s interesting however is how the old-timers have developed such a tolerance to cannabis and THC that they never seem to notice the difference. Many use the new cannabis strains now, but still idolize the old strains. We learn a lot when we listen to them talk about cannabis.

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The benefits of the cannabis loyalty program

The first time he went to the cannabis dispensary, the sales lady at the counter tried to convince him about joining their loyalty program.

He quickly dismissed this offer and paid no attention, because he knew it would mean adding an additional 30 bucks on a monthly basis.

It appears as though each store has a loyalty program running now. This involves filling a membership form and also paying extra cash to enjoy the said perks! He didn’t need all the extra stress since all Ricky wanted was to get stoned. Some weeks later he was back in the same shop, and this time listened to the budtender as she pitched the said program to him again. He realized that by paying 30 bucks every month he would end up saving at least 50 bucks on cannabis eventually. Considering the fact that he smokes a lot of marijuana, and that the members of the program get 15% off their purchases. The 15% didn’t sound like a lot when starting off but when he calculated the amount of cannabis he buys, he realized that he was losing money! Over and above the discounts on cannabis products, the program comes with extra services for the members. If one places an order through the cannabis dispensary website, they get a fully packaged and ready product at the front counter by the time they get to the store. This means you don’t even have to wait in line. You just grab the cannabis and go, all thanks to the privileges of the membership. Ricky wished he would have joined the cannabis loyalty program a long time ago but he had no idea it was this great.


Cannabis grower

Kit started growing cannabis plants

With her new info, and a lot of patience, Kit was finally able to grow some legit cannabis plants

My friend Kit started growing weed as a hobby back during the big COVID quarantine. I have known Kit for a long time, and she never does anything halfway. When she starts a new hobby she puts everything she has into being the best at it. When it came to growing plants, it seems that Kit’s pluck and perseverance weren’t enough at first. She did not have a way with horticulture! And yet she kept trying. I remember the first time she completed a harvest of her cannabis plants, and invited me over to sample the results. It was terrible! This marijuana was weak, tasted terrible, and was chock full of seeds and stems. We had a laugh about it, but then Kit said she was going to keep trying, until she figured out how to grow the best cannabis. That was about two years ago, roughly, and Kit is still working on her marijuana plants. I am pleased to say that she has made huge improvements in her growing techniques, thanks in no small part to advice from the local cannabis dispensary. The expert budtenders sold her a great handbook about cannabis cultivation, as well as special soil and grow lights she could use. With her new info, and a lot of patience, Kit was finally able to grow some legit cannabis plants. We sampled her latest harvest, and it was easily the best yet. Perhaps not on the level of Orange Kush or Purple Haze, but still a very tasty sativa strain that got us both very stoned.


Marijuana delivery

Some years ago the state finally legalized medical cannabis

In college there was a woman named Sam who lived right next to campus. She didn’t own a car, didn’t have a job, and didn‘t go to school. All Sam did was sell weed to the college students. Sam had lived in the same apartment for over 21 years, because weed is an inelastic market and there is always a high demand for it in any college town. Some years ago the state finally legalized medical cannabis, and we assumed that would put Sam out of business, but we were wrong. In fact, we have kept going back to Sam for cannabis ever since we graduated, because her prices can’t be beat. As much as we cherish the concept of the cannabis dispensary, they charge over twice as much for weed, and we just can’t afford that. Sometimes one of the local cannabis shops will have a sizable event or a special sale, and then we will show up and see what they have to offer. Most of the time even the discounted cannabis is still more luxurious than Sam’s strains. There are so many strains of cannabis we’ve heard about however never tried – like OG kush, Purple Haze, Blue Dream, and Girl Scout Cookies. Sam doesn’t have any of those. She may not have the greatest cannabis in the world, and is limited in terms of selection, however she always sells top quality weed that gets us nice and stoned. We are sure the cannabis at the dispensary is more powerful, and better tasting, however it’s simply too luxurious!


When the cannabis wore off, her problems were still right there

Jackie always feels she can handle all her issues without any help. This is one of her character flaws, she has come to realize. A few months ago Jackie finally started going to therapy, and she admits that it was long overdue. She was so fixated on doing everyone alone, it hurt her in the long run. Therapy isn’t the right choice for everyone, and for years Jackie thought it wasn’t right for her either. She tried to bury her issues with booze and cannabis, and for a while she was so numb that she thought she was improving even though she wasn’t. When Jackie smoked cannabis all morning long, she stayed high and forgot about her issues for a while. When the cannabis wore off, her issues were still right there waiting for her. Jackie’s therapist Dr Kim said she was self-medicating with cannabis and whiskey and needed to taper off. She prescribed some pills for her to take, but she didn’t like the way they made her feel. While Jackie feels Dr Kim is helpful with her mental issues, she feels the pills are more harmful than cannabis ever was. She decided to trust her instincts and resume self-medicating with cannabis, but she did stop drinking alcohol. Dr Kim didn’t like her choice, but Jackie stood her ground, partially because cannabis is non-addictive, which wasn’t the same as about the pills she wanted her to take. Why should Jackie risk developing an addiction to these new medications when she can keep treating her stress with safe, delicious cannabis instead?