The labels were sideways and everything had to be removed

I work in a packaging facility where we regularly package marijuana and marijuana products.

I work on the line that packages dried marijuana flower.

All of the marijuana flower is placed in a large hopper and the machine shakes a few buds into each bag. The bags are weighed and then sealed and then all of the packages head over to the labeling area. Each one of the packages of dried marijuana flower receives a label with pertinent information. The packages of marijuana flower have to contain the strain, harvest date, THC count, and the city and state where the marijuana flower was grown. The shipping labels are chosen by the individual supplier. We are only responsible for putting the labels on the package. All of the labels are fed into a machine and then we place packages of marijuana flower on the conveyor belt. As they move through the line, the label maker clamps down on the bag and adds a label while sealing it directly to the plastic. The process is very fast and efficient and the labeling process only takes one employee off of the floor. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago there was a problem with the machine that labels the packages. The labels were sideways and we didn’t realize there was a problem until nearly 300 packages of marijuana flower had gone through the conveyor belt. We had to remove all of the labels and some of the packages had to be emptied and remade. We easily lost three or four hours because of the problems with the labeling machine.



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Getting my dad on medical cannabis

The renewal process was really simple and easy

My dad started experiencing issues with anxiety. He started having trouble driving to work and had a really negative mindset. It took forever to get him to go to the doctor. Once he was there it was hours in the waiting room and a required prostate exam. My father was heated. Once he got the pills it wasn’t much better. My dad was bad about taking the pills, refilling his prescription and even picking it up. When the prescription was up he never wanted to go back to the doctor to renew it. I started doing some research to see if there was a better method to help his anxiety. That is how I found medical cannabis. Going the medical marijuana route was a lot better. The doctor’s visit was quick and easy. My father has a prescription for cannabis oil and flowers. He can stop into any cannabis dispensary when it crosses his mind. Since my dad is a farmer, taking cannabis on the job is easy. He typically vapes a cannabis oil and wears the vape around his neck. Something he uses a pipe and will smoke the ground up flower. He really likes how he feels when he is on cannabis. He never seems to forget to take it. His medical marijuana card had already needed to be renewed one time. The renewal process was really simple and easy. My dad didn’t go without his medical weed for even a day. This has been a big game changer for my father and his anxiety relief.
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Being healthy with cannabis products

I have made it my mission to be as healthy as possible.

Six days a week I do a good workout.

I stretch all the muscles in my body, properly warm up and I do a cardio and weight training based workout. I swim, bike, kayak and run to change things around. I also watch what I eat. I am a vegetarian and I have eliminated all foods that affect my acid reflux. I don’t eat meat, red sauce, sugary or fatty foods and no fried foods at all. Typically when I am making a meal I try to toss some hemp seeds or a hemp seed oil in there. You hardly notice the taste but it makes a big difference in health benefits. Hemp is derived from the cannabis plant. Hemp is a good source of protein, omega 3 fatty acids and is beneficial to heart health. Another cannabis product I use is CBD oil. I don’t put the oil in smoothies, stir frys or salads like I do with hemp. Instead the CBD oil is made to reduce stress and anxiety throughout the day. I want to keep my blood pressure down and sleep better at night. CBD is known for calming the mind and body. I sleep better after putting a few drops in my nightly tea. I also am not stressed out during the workday with a bit of CBD in my system. Lastly my cannabis dispensary offers lots of topicals to choose from. They have a whole skincare line that I take advantage of. The skincare cream, cleanser and serum are great for reducing inflammation and stopping the production of acne. Plus, I really like the smell and the feel of the products on my skin.

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I hate getting cannabis flower jars from low tier dispensaries because of the mold issues

I don’t like getting cannabis flower jars from low tier dispensaries out of fear I could get moldy cannabis flower products

When I worked for a farm several years in my early 20s, I learned how small mistakes could quickly lead to extremely expensive problems. If we had a pest outbreak on a crop, we could lose a significant portion of an entire season’s revenue. The stress of trying to maintain all of these variables at any given moment was too much for me. We had one particularly tough year because of inclement weather, and I decided that I’d be a lot happier working in a different industry. Despite moving to the cannabis industry and working in sales, I still talk to my friends who work in agriculture out west. They tell me that a lot of outdoor grows have issues with mold whenever there’s too much moisture in the environment. I know this to be true because of the cannabis companies I work for. They have a large grow facility and they have to destroy crops whenever they get bud rot or mold. However, there are unscrupulous cannabis companies that will sell infected products to patients that are lab tested before the mold can take hold and propagate. By the time the cannabis flower products reach the customer, the mold will either be detectable by aroma or by sight. I don’t like getting cannabis flower jars from low tier dispensaries out of fear I could get moldy cannabis flower products. I don’t want a moldy batch of weed, so I stick with cannabis flower products from the company that employs me currently. There’s a competitor of ours that also sells quality cannabis flower products, but their prices reflect the quality of their products.

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It’s hard for me to afford my favorite cannabis products like live rosin and top shelf flower

I miss my old job when I was making close to $40,000 a year and had the esteem of a much more respectable position.

  • When that company folded, I had no choice but to take a pay cut working for a competitor because it was the only job available for me at that point.

While I haven’t given up on the hope that I’ll someday find a better paying job doing the same thing I am right now, it’s still a hard fact that I have to stick to a strict budget every week or I won’t be able to afford my important bills. But the more I think about it, is it a bad thing that I’m learning fiscal responsibility and budgeting at this age? Surely it would have been ideal to learn these skills younger, but if I still haven’t tried to create a family of my own, it’s still not too late. I have spreadsheets that contain all of my expenses throughout the month, giving me an idea of where I need to allocate money to survive each week. Sadly, I had to cut back drastically on my cannabis purchases because of the rising costs of other goods and services that are more important to my survival than my consumption of marijuana and its constitutive products available. If money was no object, I’d be consuming cannabis products like live rosin concentrates and top shelf cannabis flower products on a daily basis. While I can still afford cannabis flower products, I don’t purchase top shelf varieties anymore because of my inability to afford them for the time being.

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