They sent me to a gynecologist, and I was a man.

I wanted to get medical marijuana.

I had been in a serious car accident, and left without a leg. Although there wasn’t a leg there, I still had what the doctors called phantom pain. The doctors told me that if I were to go to a doctor that could recommend marijuana for me, I would find some comfort from the pain. Whether it was physical or mental, some people could relax enough to allow the pain to not take over. Although marijuana has a physical effect if there is enough THC in it, some people find solace even when there is no THC. He found the name and number of a doctor that was within five minutes of where I lived, and gave it to me. He told me to call them and make an appointment. Before I left his office, he told me to let them know upfront that I was calling for an appointment about medical marijuana. I was sure why it was imperative I do that upfront, but I was okay telling the receptionist I wanted an appointment to get medical marijuana. Two days later, I was standing in a doctor’s office that had a waiting room full of pregnant women. I couldn’t believe my doctor had sent me to a gynecologist. What was worse was the titters of the women when I walked in and sat down. I couldn’t believe how angry I was that my doctor hadn’t told me I could only get my medical marijuana ID card, by going to a gynecologist.

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My best friend was telling everyone I was a pothead.

I had always been the one who refused to smoke pot when we were younger.

I had been using medical marijuana for about a year, before I told anyone I was using it. I didn’t want anyone to know I was using medical marijuana because of the stigma put on anyone who used it, whether it was legal or illegal. I talked to my mother about my using medical marijuana, but she said nothing to anyone. I was making a batch of gummies from the CBD product I got at the dispensary. I wasn’t expecting anyone at my apartment, and I cautiously looked out the peephole. I forgot all about the gummies when I looked out and saw my best friend standing outside.I pulled the door open, and remembered about the marijuana gummies I was making. I didn’t think my friend would say anything, but I was wrong. I was talking to a mutual friend of mine and she almost laughed in my face. I asked what was so funny when she said she never thought I would turn into a pothead. I had always been the one who refused to smoke pot when we were younger. She said she wasn’t surprised because still waters do run deep and walked away. It humiliated me. Who would have thought that my best friend would talk about me when I wasn’t around? I was planning to go to a party the following afternoon, but knowing my ‘friend’ was going to be there had me refusing to go. I couldn’t face hearing everyone tell me I was a pothead.because I was using medical marijuana for my MS..



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Marijuana business application preparation service

I want to get into the marijuana business side of things.

I know my cannabis and I know how to run a successful business. It seems smart to just push them together. I have started acquiring the necessary funds in order to do this expensive procedure too. What is great is that I have already secured financing and I have my eye on a building that could be my cannabis dispensary. I realized that I know how to apply for a business, but applying for a cannabis business isn’t really the same thing. There are tons of rules and business permits and licenses to get. I decided to start small. I have found a marijuana business application preparation service. This is where I have a cannabis consultant that is getting ready to be a cannabis dispensary. He is helping me securing the business license, cannabis permit, the building, and ensures everything is on the legal up and up. Right now we are just doing the beginning stages together. It is amazing how complicated and involved everything is. There are like 20 steps before you actually open the doors on your recreational cannabis dispensary. There are huge penalties when you miss a due date, file wrong or don’t adhere to the law. I really don’t want to mess anything up. The marijuana business prep service ensures that someone has my back and is double checking my work. It gives me peace of mind and allows me to move forward with each step with confidence.

Medical marijuana business application preparation service

The only time I get costly live resin is when it’s on sale

Live resin cannabis concentrates are genuinely costly, and live resin cannabis concentrates are usually extracted using a program that preserves the flavor and stink of the plants. Love roses are more costly because the extraction process is more difficult… Cheaper cannabis concentrates use CO2 or butane hash oil to extract resin from the plants; The product that comes out after these harsh chemicals are used is genuinely not as potent or flavorful as the live resin products that have been extracted using heat or cold. Cold pressed live rosin is the best product on the market. Cold pressed live resin can be up to $69 for a single gram. The only time I can afford to buy live resin cannabis concentrate is when they are on sale, but occasionally I can find products that are 50 or $60, however if I can find a cannabis concentrate that is a frigid pressed live resin product for that price, after that I would be more likely to buy the product, when I can find a sale that is buy a single and get a single for free or even half off, it is worth the currency to go to the dispensary, but a few weeks ago, I was going to see some friends in a nearby City and all of us went to a dispensary before all of us went to the club. The dispensary had a big sale on live resin concentrate. I wanted to go crazy and buy 8 grams, however I did not want them to rest in the car the whole time all of us were in the dance club. I went back the next afternoon to purchase the live resin, however they did not have them on sale anymore.
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I wait and shop while in sales when I’m restocking medical marijuana

I can’t afford to simply walk into the grocery store any longer and get random products off the shelf if I feel like it.

  • It’s hard enough to afford our essentials and find the currency to purchase them, I surely cannot manage splurges any longer.

I can’t just buy a treat every single time I go to the store for a handful of groceries as it’s getting out of hand. This is an severely easy trap to fall into because most of the grocery stores in our area have donuts, candy, and tea that are hard to resist some afternoons when I’m browsing for our grocery essentials. That’s a single reason I moved towards shopping online and having the stores get items ready for me before I even leave our house. Then I can drive over and have an neighbor bring our items out to our car via curbside pickup. During the pandemic, several stores that lacked curbside pickup decided to implement their own versions of it. Between pickup orders and shopping particular sales at each store, I can save lots of currency each month while I’m running our errands. Since I also consume marijuana monthly, I have to be careful about that expense as well. Buying any random marijuana product at full price is foolish if you can wait a month for a sale that gives you the same thing however at 25% off. I can wait and shop while in the sales at each medical cannabis store, thus guaranteeing that I never spend our savings full price when procuring our multiple cannabis products every month. Since the cannabis stores are competing with these sales, there’s no reason to waste currency and avoid enjoying them consciously. It’s worth the cost of savings to become savvy with medical cannabis store purchases.

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