My bestie doesn't like me using marijuana products

My bestie Max doesn’t actually care about the fact that I use marijuana products, so I have not been telling Max the truth about what I have been up to with our friends.

Whenever I go hang out at our buddy’s home to play games, we constantly smoke marijuana.

The last couple of times that I came back from chilling with our friends, I stunk of marijuana. I told Max that she was crazy, however she is going to realize that I am full of bologna. Max’s parents used to smoke dope all of the time plus she was taken from them when Max was 10! Ever since then, she relates all drug use with a awful memory in her childhood. Max doesn’t understand that marijuana can be perfectly wonderful for recreational plus medical use, even though Max and I live in a state where recreational plus medical marijuana are legal. I tried to talk to Max a bunch of weird times about marijuana education. I thought that I could provide Max with a couple of facts plus she would understand more about the way that marijuana can help his body. Max told me that she doesn’t want to listen to all of that nonsense plus left-wing conspiracy stuff. I thought that Max plus I were going to be together for a long time, however I am thinking that our relationship has honestly run its course. I know that I do not care about telling Max lies every time I come back from being with our friends. It makes me guess actually lousy.


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