Getting my heal on a bit more thanks to medical marijuana

The body is a magical and yet mystifying organism.

In the right circumstances, our bodies can heal themselves from nearly anything. But at some point, this old body needed more help with setting up the right circumstances for healing. Medical marijuana and the good folks at the legal weed store are helping me with just that. I’ve had surgery before and it wasn’t the worst thing in the world but I was definitely on the long end of healing. So when I went into this recent surgery not expecting much different. This was a pretty average, yet still invasive procedure to repair an old injury that was causing a fair amount of pain and wasn’t going to get better. It did not go well. The procedure itself went as planned from a surgical perspective but my body reacted badly to the surger. I wasn’t healing right. So I turned to a more holistic approach to my healing. Along with the medical marijuana benefits, I changed my diet, focused on rest and mediation. Also, I allowed myself to rest when I was tired. The medical cannabis for the cannabis dispensary helped me be real about the fact that I’m older, just had surgery and I needed to rest for my body to heal. I was new to legal weed shops so I’m really thankful the folks at the local cannabis store helped me get the right cannabis flower products to help me. The rate of healing has accelerated significantly in just weeks once I started feeding and resting my body properly. But the cannabis flower products have made a huge difference with managing pain, getting my rest and helping with my hopeful, positive outlook.

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