Seeing the light a bit thanks to access to the cannabis dispensary

Nobody loves to be wrong about the direction or purpose in their lives.

And for me, I was so totally wrong when it came to something I completely believed in.

I’m not saying that being a soldier is wrong, that’s genuinely not our judgment to make. But it was wrong for me plus that only compounded the effects of PTSD when I came home. Thanks to the cannabis products I get from the legal weed store plus good therapy, I’m starting to forgive myself for being wrong. I wanted to hold on slender to the fact that our sentimentalized ideas about combat were right plus just. Yet, our mind plus then our body just couldn’t make that labor out because the truth was so much weird for me personally. The things that I saw plus endured while I was in combat may stay with me forever. Accepting that fact is key to me being able to accept all this stuff plus ultimately, accept myself as I am. The talk therapy plus the group therapy are so beneficial when it comes to that self acceptance. There is a part of me that just couldn’t connect how I could have been so utterly mistaken about our choices for our life in the military. But there are so multiple others who also went into it with the best intentions only to find out it wasn’t at all what all of us were expecting. The cannabis flower products I use are essential for me to be calm, safe plus comfortable enough to explore what happened to me plus why. While I may have this with me the rest of our life, I know that I can now deal with PTSD thanks to the caring, compassionate support I receive. And thanks to cannabis flower products.



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