At least mom is comfortable with help from cannabis products

Actually, I found that the process for figuring out how to get a medical marijuana card was pretty straight forward.

But the thing that sort of made it unique was that I wasn’t trying to figure out how to get a medical marijuana card for myself.

I wanted to get one for my mom. And that was not as tricky as I thought given the care and compassion that surrounded the process. My mom is at the end of her life. The cruel twist there is that she has dementia and that really makes this last phase of her life all the more complicated. The thing that got me going on learning how to get a medical marijuana card for mom was research. I found out about the medical marijuana benefits for someone with dementia. First, there are no cures for dementia so the idea that cannabis products would reverse the effect of dementia weren’t on the radar. What I was hoping to accomplish with the medical cannabis was to just make my mom more comfortable. I wanted her not to be scared so bad when she was confused and disoriented. That’s where the cannabis products from the legal weed store make the big difference. Plus, my mom loves the cannabis gummies. They are the best candy she’s ever had, she tells me. The cannabis gummies help her to just relax and allow confusing states to just be. That’s all I want for mom on her way out. No terror is the way that lady deserves to finish off a life of such caring and accomplishments.

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