Don’t smoke on the clock

I got caught smoking pot at work not too long ago.

Actually I was live on the air at the time, finally working the graveyard shift for a radio station.

I firmly maintain that it is not my fault. I even tried to get a lawyer to protect myself and others in a wrongful termination suit, however none of them were interested in my case. If you look at it from my point of view it was just a dumb mistake, really not enormous enough to warrant myself and others getting fired. The night in question all of us at the station were in the middle of a 24 hour long “dazed & confused” marathon, playing a lot of songs about drugs. Since all of us were highlighting music about cannabis, I didn’t sincerely assume it would be a big deal for myself and others to really get high on the air. If anything at all, the sounds of myself and others inhaling cannabis should have added to the true authenticity of the music! It’s not that I even broke the law, because I have a prescription for medical cannabis that I get legally filled at the dispensary every week. Even though it wasn’t illegal it was a violation of policy. Specifically, that I smoked cannabis in the facility, because all the radio DJs just smoke cannabis at home, & the bosses think this, but when I brought cannabis into the station to smoke, that was a rule violation that could not be overlooked, so they fired me. If I had it to do over again, I would have made a different choice, however now all I can do is look for another place to work that is cooler about cannabis use.
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