They’re the best places to review

For the last many years I have grown my local reputation as an online product reviewer. I think that currently it seems that everyone’s a damn critic, & thinks they can write a review, although I am really fantastic at it. People have started to pick up on that, as well. Over the years I have written hundreds of reviews, & have developed a following of my own. I was an influencer before anyone knew what that was! I often will even get requests from local corporations for myself and others to come & visit, because they think a favorable review from myself and others will help grow their business rapidly. Recently I did a tour of many local cannabis dispensaries for a series of reviews, & honestly was legitimately pleased with what I found, but first of all it should go without saying that I happen to be a large fan of cannabis, & get high every single day. In the past I regularly went and purchased marijuana through a friend, because I just didn’t trust any of the local businesses. It really isn’t that I assume the cannabis dispensaries are shady, I just assume the government will screw myself and others over as soon as they get a chance, so I like to go out and buy pot anonymously. I have to say that visiting some of these cannabis dispensaries opened my eyes to how amazing these corporations are! Not just with the variety of cannabis products, many of which are smokeless edibles, however also because of the freebies & extras they supply away. Look up my cannabis reviews at the location below, because these new cannabis dispensaries are off the chain.

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