Marijuana can be detected in urine for 30 days or longer for some people

My first job in high school was washing dishes in the kitchen at a large assisted living facility down the street from my house. Oddly enough, my best friend’s dad was a chef at this nursing home and put in a good word for me with the kitchen manager. While it was far from glamorous work, it gave me a good work ethic and a chance to earn money for myself in high school. I saved up for an Ipod back in the day, and even a guitar at one point as well. This job was great for helping me with my personal problems at school as well because I met a handful of kids there that were my same age and attended the exact same high school as I did. Back then I was drug tested several times, once before I was hired, and twice at random intervals during my time working in the kitchen. However, I had a friend of mine who washed dishes with me back then and he got busted for smoking pot when he was randomly tested at work one night. None of us were surprised when he lost his job, but we were shocked when another employee tested positive for marijuana two months after using it briefly with some friends on a vacation. That person abstained for over eight weeks and it still wasn’t enough time to get all of the THC out of their fat stores. It’s crazy that cannabis can be detected in peoples’ urine for 30 days or longer. I had a friend in college who could test negative for cannabis a week after his last dose, but that’s because he was lean and worked out constantly.



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