All deliveries get a one penny pre roll

The total for his order was around $200.

I love when the dispensary has some type of sale or special. They don’t run the promotions often, but they usually have something going on during April and close to 4:20. This year, all of the marijuana deliveries qualified for a pre-roll that was only one penny. Marijuana delivery services in the area were already busy, but the penny pre-roll made things a lot worse. I was working on the second night of the promotion. People must have heard about the penny pre-roll, because they started calling the store to confirm the special. We had it listed on the website and we had it listed on our updated Weedmaps profile as well. I had 17 deliveries that night. Most of the deliveries were local, but a couple of the marijuana deliveries were out in the country. One person really surprised me when they gave me a huge tip. I drove up to an old farmhouse with crackers and broke down cars in the driveway. The guy ordered an ounce of marijuana and 2 grams of concentrate. He looked really excited to receive the free pre-roll. The total for his order was around $200. The guy gave me five $50 bills. I looked at the total which was just under 200 and I told the guy that he might have given me too much money. He told me that he knew there was $250 there and the rest was a tip for me. That was easily one of the biggest tips that I have ever received from a single customer.


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